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about the DR?

The people in the Dominican Republic live very simple lives,especially those in the countryside. They have little in terms of comforts or luxuries, but the simplicity of their lives and the  emphasis on the family unit ensures that they are happy.Their houses are basic and generally made of royal palm wood, which is elegant and enduring when painted. Their kitchens are generally away from the main living quarters and  their cookers are traditional coral quarried locally.


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Welcome to Dominican Angel

  Diego. Latin Affairs

I am pleased to announce that Wilfida and I (Mark) are engaged. I met Wilfida two years ago at the last singles event in Santiago.
Since that time Wilfida has visited me in Bermuda and I have traveled several times to the Dominican Republic to spend time with her.

I would like to thank you for hosting the single events and helping me to meet my future wife.

This website is dedicated to the beautiful ladies of the Dominican republic
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